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Copyright consent with the organization Futurly for the Houdini for Architects & Designers Workshop.

1. During the workshop, the participant creates a design/project with the help of the tutors/tutorial sessions, interactive engagement with team members. The Participant agrees that the content produced during the workshop has shared intellectual rights between the participant, other team members who collaborated on the said project, and Futurly.

2. Futurly instructor's provided workshop materials, definitions, codes, scripts, and tutorials are the Intellectual property of the instructor and are subject to copyright protection, and may not be replicated commercially without written consent from the organization Futurly unless said items are of generic nature. This applies to exact copies of the above-mentioned items and tutor's designs. The participants are encouraged to adapt, remix, transform, and create new work upon the provided material and acquired knowledge.

3. The participant adheres to the above mentioned and agrees to not record, redistribute, or republish any of the sessions in any manner.

4. Shared intellectual rights mentioned in point 2 include referral and credit to all team members of the project and Futurly in any further publications. Mention of the workshop name as the framework within which the project was created is highly encouraged and appreciated.
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You will receive access to two Hybrid Courses! 

Houdini for Architects & Designers by Mumin Keser

 Robotics for Architects & Designers by Ludovic Mallegol. 

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4 hr Recorded Sessions | 4 Live Interactive Sessions | 90 Days Access | After Hours Support


Guys the workshop was amazing.

I am really happy to have participated to this event and I admire the high level of knowledge you provided to us. I have participated to several workshops during the last years, but I have to admit that this was the best one. I loved the subject, the organization of the whole process, the consistency over the target and your willingness to support us and answer every question. Keep on like this!

Thank you for everything!

Katerina Touska
Synthetic Simulations 

Loved this class. It was just the crash course I needed to feel comfortable with a little part of Houdini.

Thank you for the session!

Abhi Bhatt
Synthetic Simulations